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What is Rupaya?

Rupaya is a Proof of Stake coin that is intended to target and solve specific issues regarding the South Asian markets. Cryptocurrency has the potential to connect consumers to the global marketplace without the need for conventional banking structures. This is where Rupaya intends to step in and cater to the Asian ecosystem providing them an onramp to the global digital economy.

What is Proof of Stake?

Proof of Stake one of the alternative concepts in cryptocurrency to Proof of Work. Surely you have heard about large specialized hardware mining rigs and groups that all race to solve the cryptographic puzzle to process transactions (generate blocks for addition to the ledger) for coins such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Private (BTCP). Proof of Stake takes the hardware intensity out of the equation and instead leverages a community of "Masternodes" which have staked a pre-determined amount (currency investment) to run a portion of the consensus validation network. An easier way to visualize this is by thinking of it in terms of investment. To mine PoW you need to invest in specialized hardware, to mint PoS you need to invest in the currency itself. PoS has one other added benefit in its exponentially more expensive to aquire a monopoly within the PoS ecosystem and thereby protects the chain against a 51% attack (Find more information on a 51% attack here).

Rupaya coin (RUPX) - Technical Details

Market Cap$2.46 M
Current Supply22.9 M

Github Details

Commits (last 30 days)15
Closed Issues (last 30 days)5

*statistics last updated 5-23-18*

Reward Breakdown

Phase 10 -> 26000100 RUPX2018-03-0160 RUPX40 RUPX0 RUPX
Phase 226001 -> 100000120 RUPX2018-04-2172 RUPX48 RUPX0 RUPX
Phase 3100001 -> 20000088 RUPX2018-06-2966 RUPX22 RUPX22 RUPX
Phase 4200001 -> 30000080 RUPX2018-09-0760 RUPX20 RUPX20 RUPX
Phase 5300001 -> 40000072 RUPX2018-11-1554 RUPX18 RUPX18 RUPX
Phase 6400001 -> 50000064 RUPX2019-01-2448 RUPX16 RUPX16 RUPX
Phase 7500001 -> 60000056 RUPX2019-04-0342 RUPX14 RUPX14 RUPX
Phase 8600001 -> 70000048 RUPX2019-06-1236 RUPX12 RUPX12 RUPX
Phase 9700001 -> 80000040 RUPX2019-08-2030 RUPX10 RUPX10 RUPX
Phase 10800001 -> 90000032 RUPX2019-10-2824 RUPX8 RUPX8 RUPX
Phase 11900001 -> 100000024 RUPX2020-01-0618 RUPX6 RUPX6 RUPX
Phase 121000001 -> 110000016 RUPX2020-03-1512 RUPX4 RUPX4 RUPX
Phase 131100001 -> 12000008 RUPX2020-05-246 RUPX2 RUPX2 RUPX
Phase 141200001 -> INFINITE0.001 RUPX3000-01-010.00075 RUPX0.00025 RUPX0.00025 RUPX

NameRoleTwitter handle
AasimFounder & Developer@Mobay
TooShamelessGovernor & Developer@TooShameless
mn.zone_devMasternodes and Governance Developer@mn.zone_dev
Letoir.NET Developer@letoir
ReefyFull-Stack Developer@Reefy
gdiscordCommunity Moderator/Technical Support@gdiscord
web3Community Moderator/Technical Support@web3
gwalCommunity Moderator/Technical Support@gwal
GoodTimesCommunity Moderator/Technical Support@GoodTimes
Ravi KumarCommunity Moderator@ravi kumar
Behram Ali LakhaniCommunity Moderator@Behram Ali Lakhani
StanecCommunity Moderator@Stanec
PoseidonCommunity Moderator@Poseidon

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