Earn staking rewards on your investment

What is a Staking?

Stakers, or forgers, in the Proof of Stake system, also take part in the validation of transactions and for this they are rewarded a Mint (additional currency) for this service. The way in which a "Staker's" or "Forger's" chance to be chosen for forging the next block comes from two different models: Randomized block selection and coin age based selection. Rupaya uses a combination of coin age and coin weight for the selection process. The "Reward" or "Mint" for a successful transaction comes from the newly minted blocks that are created.

Are there minimums to staking?

There are not mandatory minimums currently for staking RUPX coins. The only requirement is that the coins are matured and that the wallet holding the coins is unlocked for staking and online. That being said, the amount of coins which you are staking, and the age of the coins in that address work towards determining your probability of receiving a staking reward.

Is there a ideal staking amount?

To stake on your own effectively I would suggest having no less than 1,500 available mature coins. If you have less than that I would suggest utilizing the Discord Tip Bot for staking until you have built up enough coin to stake on your own.

Did you say I can stake in Discord!? How!?

Yes, you in fact heard correctly. Rupaya has a Discord Tip Bot that allows staking.

Rupaya is not responsible for any coins lost or stolen from the Discord Tip Bot

Enough with the warnings, how can I get started staking the Rupaya Discord server?

Discord Staking Instructions (Getting Started):

  1. Sign up for a Discord account and join the Rupaya Server here:
  2. Once you have joined the server you will want to message the Discord Tip Bot directly
  3. Send the Discord Tip Bot (@RUPXTips#0233) the message ".help" (minus the double quotes). The bot will reply with a list of all available commands.
    RUPXTips is a bot created by undefined#8268 allowing the use of RUPX! .help Shows this message .bal Shows your balance .cap _Shows the coins marketcap information .stats _Shows your stats .tip [@user] [amount] Tip a user [amount] of RUPX .soak [amount] soaks [amount] of RUPX over all online users .rolesoak [@role] [amount] soaks [amount] of RUPX over all online users with the role [@role] .rain [amount] rains [amount] of RUPX over all online users who have talked in the past half hour .deposit Get your deposit address .withdraw [address] [amount] Withdraw [amount] of RUPX to [address] (1 RUPX fee) .block Shows the block RUPXTips is on .invite Shows my invite link .donate [amount] Help fund the bot! .stake [amount] Put [amount] of RUPX in your staking account .unstake [amount] Takes [amount] of RUPX out of your staking account .prefix [prefix] Change the prefix of all commands! .resetprefix Set the prefix back to . this command will always be .resetprefix no matter the prefix .togglebot Turn RUPXTips on/off in this channel .soaksonly Only allow the soak & rain commands to be used in this channel
  4. Now if you use ".deposit" you will see the RUPX address assigned for your account. This can be loaded directly from your exchange if you like.
  5. Once you deposit your funds into your address with the tip bot you will want to stake those coins with ".stake all".

The rewards from the tipbot are consistent due to the weight and age of the fund overall. The rewards are a proportional percentage of your contribution to the discord tip bots staking amount. This is a good way to introduce yourself to staking and slowly build up your balance.

How can I stake coins on my own?

First you will need the Rupaya core wallet installed on your machine and some RUPX loaded into the wallet. I am going to assume that you have already encrypted your wallet and that the funds you have available to stake are loaded in.

Staking Instructions:

  1. Open Rupaya Core Wallet
  2. Wait for blockchain to fully synch and ensure blue checkmark in bottom right corner
  3. Click on the Tools Dropdown and select Unlock Wallet
  4. Check the box that says For anonimization and staking only and then input your password
  5. The lock icon should show unlocked now and if we hover over the icon will see that the wallet is unlocked for staking only (this means that to transfer any currency someone would need to input your password again)
  6. Lastly the Staking icon in the bottom right will turn green once all the criteria is met (unlocked wallet, active connections, mature coins)
  7. Congratulations! You've officially started staking!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have unlocked and mature coins but my wallet isn't staking?

This happens occassionaly but can be fixed generally with one of both of the following. First thing to check is that you have UPNP enabled on your cold wallet. You can check this by:

  1. Open your cold wallet
  2. Select Settings, then Options.
  3. Click on the Networking tab and make sure that "Map ports using UPNP" is checked.
  4. Restart the wallet and unlock for staking.

If your wallet is still not staking then select Tools, then Open Wallet Configuration File. Make sure that your wallet configuration file contains the following:

# DNS seeds updated daily with 2 x 24 reachable MasterNode IPs: # Static list of reachable MasterNode IPs: addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= #Staking Trigger staking=1

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